Art Resource Team

Inspiring Artistic Vision

Established in 2000, A.R.T. was created to serve the needs of the architecture and design industry and their clients. We supply comprehensive art plans to compliment each projects design and color scheme. Direct affiliations with local and regional artists as well as national publishing companies enable us to meet any design needs with exclusive artist commissions. Additionally, our custom framing service provides a unique selection of mouldings specifically chosen for each project.

Jo Ann Berger prints now available at A.R.T.



Jo Ann graduated in fashion design from DAAP at the University of Cincinnati. One of her internships was at Tonka Toys, and she fell in love with both the people and the toys. Over the years, she's designed many products from toys to sporting goods, fashion accessories, food, and medical equipment. The artist believes that design doesn't need to stay put, and that blending art and design is as good as drinking espresso before a long bike ride.